The Best Herbal Infusions for Strong and Healthy Natural Hair

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You may have heard of herbal infusions for health purposes. Because of the cancer-fighting properties of many herbs, a lot of people regularly prepare and enjoy herbal concoctions for relaxation and medicinal purposes, and also to satisfy their palates. But did you know that herbal infusions can also be used to strengthen and beautify hair?
What Are Herbal Infusions?
An herbal infusion is, put very simply, an extract. Often, this extract is prepared by boiling hot water and then pouring the hot water over dried herbs and allowing the mixture to sit, covered, for a period of 4-10 hours. Once the mixture is done, it is then ready for consumption or use on the hair. Typically, a recipe for an infusion calls for one tablespoon of dried herbs to one cup of boiling hot water.
Incorporating Herbal Infusions Into Your Natural Hair Routine
Herbal infusions can be incorporated into your natural hair routine very easily. For instance, an herbal infusion can be added to your conditioner of choice so that your hair receives added benefits. Alternatively, some people prefer to use infusions as gentle cleansing agents, adding tea tree oil or other antibacterial elements to bolster the cleansing effect of antibacterial herbs. Still others have found that herbal infusions are extremely useful as a final rinse, facilitating easier detangling of curly hair and restoring it to its proper pH level.
Which Herbs Are Best?
Practically any herb that you like can be beneficial. For instance, both ginger and comfrey stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth, while rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for calming and detangling hair. Dandelion root, containing copious amounts of iron, assists with dandruff issues and dry hair, while Bhringraj prevents premature graying of hair and adds intense moisture.
As you can see, whatever your hair problem is, there is likely an herb that’s available to handle it — and I’ve only just scratched the surface. Why not do your own research and work some herbs into your hair care routine? The results just might amaze you!
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