How 4 Latina Creators Celebrate Beauty & Confidence

Get to know these four inspiring Latinas and learn what fuels their creativity, plus their favorite beauty products.

Jenn Torres

Los Angeles, California 

IG: Jen4romtheblock
TikTok: Jen4romtheblock

Jenn Torres wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s from South Central Los Angeles, she’s Mexican-American, first gen and queer – and she rocks all parts of her identity throughout her vibrant social media presence. In addition to being a freelance model, Torres creates content on Instagram and TikTok about style, fashion, beauty, and her curly hair. 

“I love that I’m able to live out my dream as being a fashionista and I’m able to work with brands that I grew up loving,” Torres says. 

What are some things about yourself that you find most beautiful?

It took me a while to fully embrace myself and find things that made me feel beautiful. Everything that I grew up wanting to change as I got older I started to love. For me is my curly hair, my beautiful brown skin, and my smile.

Where do you get your confidence?

I get my confidence from my momma she’s an Aries Queen IYKYK

What inspires you each day?

What inspires me each day is little me. I have baby photos of me around my room to remind myself who I’m really doing it for. 

What essentials are in your vintage purse that you bought from Japan?

  1. My Double Mint Telfar Wallet (My treat to myself bc my old wallet was in shambles)
  2. MAC Lip Liner in Chestnut 
  3. Sweet Streets Cosmetics Thick n Thin Liner in Angel BB 
  4. Sweet Streets Cosmetics Candy Paint Lip Gloss in Champagne Rain (these three are my favorite combo)
  5. Lawless Press Powder in Medium for touch ups (I’m a sweaty gurl hehe)
  6. Lash Glue 
  7. Replica by the Fireplace Travel Size Perfume & Rizos Curls New California Hair & Body Perfume 
  8. Loose change and dollar bills 
  9. Miniature Hello Kitty dolls I got from the Lil Tokyo’s coin machines 
  10. Touchland Hand Sanitizer in Lavender 
  11. Heart Shape Compact Mirror  
  12. My Keys 
  13. My two Portable Lights for the best selfies at night 
  14. Lollipops- Blow Pops 
  15. My Portable Charger 
  16. Advil 

What are your favorite makeup brands right now & why? 

  • My go to is MAC lip liners (a classic), 
  • Half Magic I LOVE working with them. They make makeup so much fun to play with. 
  • Sweet Streets has the best thick n thin duos and Lip Glosses and it’s Latina owned. 
  • Urban Decay has the best eyeliners.
  • Violent Kitty Cosmetics has my favorite eyelashes right now. 
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