How to Pick Your Summer Bronzer

by McKenzie Renae of

If natural kisses from the sun aren’t quite your forte, then bronzer will become your new BFF! Bronzer is used just like blush, but is meant to give you a more sun-kissed, just-back-from-the-beach glow that will have the guys wondering how you look so luminous. The goal is to look exactly that — sun-kissed! Here are some helpful tips and great products to get to started with enhancing your beautiful skin.
Picking a Bronzer
Shimmer? Matte? Highlighter? Yes, there are many options when it comes to bronzers, but take a deep breath and don’t feel overwhelmed. Here are just a few simple things to keep in mind.
1. Pick a bronzer that is right for your skin tone. It’s easy to go too dark and look dirty or too light and look shiny and ashy.
2. Pick a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Look for descriptions like “dark” and “deep” or higher-numbered labels. Make sure it’s pigmented.
3. Bronzers come in liquids, powders, sticks and beads, so experiment and play around by choosing the one that makes you look your best.
TIP: If you have normal-to-oily skin, try a powder formulation. For dry skin, a cream or gel bronzer is probably the way to go.
Applying Bronzer
First note: A little can go a long way. It’s better to apply less and add more as you go. You don’t want your bronzer to look like it’s just sitting on your foundation or bare skin, so blending is key!
1. Sweep your bronzer on with a big fluffy brush and focus on areas of your face where the sun would hit: temples, cheeks, bridge of your nose, chin and along the hairline. Make sure to tap off any extra bronzer before you apply to avoid going overboard.
2. As for the rest of your makeup, keep it simple. A pretty peachy lip gloss, soft pink cheeks and warm eyes complement bronzer well. If you are comfortable without foundation, bronzer is great to wear alone on top of clean, bare skin.
TIP: If you have oily or combination skin, use oil-absorbing sheets to gently blot any excess oil away. This prevents potentially removing your bronzer and looking splotchy.

What are some of your favorite bronzers?

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