Managing Multiple Hair Textures

If we polled the curly-hair community, we’d find that most identify themselves as having multiple textures. I’m a proud member of that club as well. My hair in the front is fine, loose and wavy, while my hair in the back is coarse, tight and coily. Nevertheless, I keep rocking wash-and-go’s — and you can too. Here are three things that can help you find your wash-and-go swag.
1. Clever Product Usage
Since the hair near my nape is fluffier and more prone to excessive shrinkage, I’m a little heavier handed with the product application back there and sometimes apply thicker products like gels to help the coils clump and hang to blend with the front. Don’t be afraid to layer products in one section while only using one product in other sections. You’ll be surprised at the more consistent results!
2. Wet Sets
While a wet set doesn’t officially qualify as a wash-and-go, it may be something you want to consider. Beyond full twist and roller sets, you can also experiment with twisting or braiding sections that need a little help in the texture department. Sometimes I twist the front sections of my hair to provide extra waves that better match the wash-and-go results throughout the rest of my hair. If you have sections that won’t curl, rolling the ends with an appropriately sized roller or straw may help to keep things consistent.
3. Cut
Since my hair hangs in the front and shrinks in the back, I had my stylist maximize on this and work with my hair’s natural tendency. We opted for a layered bob, which gives my hair added volume and a dope shape, and works with the texture of my hair. Be mindful of your texture during your next visit with the shears, as a seasoned stylist can work magic. A good cut is everything when it comes to curly hair.
Hope this helps! Chime in ladies: What do you do to even out your multiple textures?
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