Benefits of a Simple and Solid Hair Care Regimen

By Michelby Whitehead 

We’ve all heard the saying less is more when it comes to makeup and fashion, but this rule applies to hair as well. 
Are you guilty of doing the most to your tresses? Find out if you’re neglecting your hair by answering these questions:  
Do I hang on to split ends too long?  
If you refuse to cut your ends regularly because you want long hair, you’re making a big mistake. The shattered ends are not healthy and can actually indirectly stunt hair growth — causing excessive tangling, which can lead to breakage and loss of length. Less is best. Start trimming your ends every 4-8 weeks or as needed.  
Do I put too much tension on my hair?  
Top knots and ponytails are cute, go-to styles all ladies love. However, too much of a good thing can cause our hair to start thinning in the center with the use of tight elastic bands. Let your hair down sometimes — literally! Your follicles need to breathe, and a new look could really turn things around. 
Do I use chemicals in my hair too often?   
This brings a whole new meaning to “dyed/died my hair.” Consider how often you apply relaxers, dyes, texturizers and highlights to your crown and glory. If you are looking to switch up your hair color, opt for a rinse that doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. Protective styles like braids and weaves are your friends when you’re in between relaxers.  
Do I leave my protective styles in too long?   
Speaking of protective styles, I’m living proof that this is the wrong thing to do. After experiencing the convenience of a sew-in in 2013, I kept my extensions in for almost 5 months. Of course I would wash it regularly like it was my real hair, but I kind of forgot it wasn’t my real hair! Needless to say, the braids locked up from lack of moisture, and I was forced to do a big chop. Be smarter than me, girls! 

 Share your simple hair care routine below! 

Designed by Javi_Indy / Freepik