Date-Ready Look in Minimal Time

By Michelby Whitehead

It’s a Friday afternoon, and you’ve just clocked out at work! You can’t wait to lose the bra, order food, and catch up on episodes of “Pose.” After the hustle and bustle of a busy week, you just want to be the no-makeup chick wearing sweatpants and mix-matched ankle socks.
Then, all of a sudden, the DJ pulls the needle off the record, canceling your homebody plans: The guy you met at Starbucks on Monday rings your line about dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town –TONIGHT!
You know you’re definitely not about to decline but you also look a haute mess, and there’s no way to get a glam face in a short window of time. Or is there?
As always, Reflect Beauty has your back from head to toe. Go ahead and tell Starbucks Bae it’s a go because we’ve got the rest under control. Here is the ultimate guide to glam for babes on borrowed time!
Don’t Overthink the Outfit
First thing’s first: Hop in the shower and freshen up per usual. That long stare into the closet while you’re wearing a bath towel can’t happen tonight; you’re on a timed mission. Pick out something that accentuates your favorite body parts and accessorize. Remember, Starbucks Bae hasn’t seen anything in your wardrobe, so don’t fret if you haven’t gone shopping lately. Whatever you wear will be brand new to him!
Hair Help
If you’ve had a good hair day, kudos to you! Rock your your mane however you see fit. But if your tresses have been pure angst, a headwrap or sweeping it up in a top knot are your best bets. In situations like this one, it’s also helpful to have a go-to wig. Here is a tutorial to assist in your wrapping
About Face
This is probably the part of the show where most women panic, but creating a glam face is easier than you think! Even out your skin tone with foundation and concealer like you normally do. Next, decide if you want a bold lip or eyes that command coffee guy’s attention. If you have time to go full glam, do both. But, since it’s a first date, you can easily get away with just one!
For a powerful look, go ombre by applying your favorite shade of lipstick and white eye shadow in the center of lips. Lightly mash lips together to blend, and you’re done! Wing your eyeliner and go heavier on the mascara if you want dramatic eyes. Apply false lashes for extra flair.  Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash