Why You Should Add Glycolic Acid Treatments to Your Beauty Routine

By Michelby Whitehead 

In your 20s, things are amazing. Your knees work well enough to hit the dance floor, your metabolism is on Level Energizer Bunny, and your skin is (mostly) flawless.   
Over time, however, skin starts to change and things like sun exposure, acne flare ups, dark spots, and other imperfections take a noticeable toll. If you want to get ahead of the game and prep your skin to slow down the effects of time, adding glycolic acid to your routine is a good idea!  
Costhelper.com states that a light peel at a cosmetic center may cost $30 to $50, while a deeper treatment by a doctor can cost $200 or more.  
Skin care expert and founder of Vertie’ Beauty Cosmetics Ashley Breaux urges her clients to indulge in the treatment.  
“Glycolic acid is a popular AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that is used specifically to address acne scars, aging and hyperpigmentation. It also helps trigger cell renewal,” Ashley says.   
You’ll See Results Fast   
AHA’s work on the surface level of the skin. Glycolic acid has one of the smallest molecules, allowing it to penetrate faster and work quicker, in most cases, than other AHA’s.    
If you have severe hyperpigmentation or acne scarring, chemical peels are resurfacing treatments administered by dermatologists and skin care professionals.  
“They work by adding a solution of skin-resurfacing ingredients to the skin, and over the course of 5 to 10 days, depending on the strength of the peel, your skin sloughs off the outermost layers of the skin to reveal a brighter and more even skin tone,” Ashley says.    
It’s User-Friendly for WOC 
Because glycolic acid is a gentler chemical peel, it’s safe to use on all ethnic skin tones. Women of color have more melanin, which means they absorb sun rays rapidly.  An SPF of 30 or higher should be used to avoid additional sensitivity to the sun.  Try Black Girl Sunscreen at Target.   
It’s a Confidence Booster  
Clear, evenly toned skin is better than any makeup a woman can wear! A glycolic acid treatment can make you look 10 years younger without breaking the bank. You’ll look like a refreshed version of yourself, rather than a different person thanks to a facelift or other cosmetic surgery. The healthier your skin looks, the less makeup you need to cover flaws.  
Do you use glycolic acid? If so, what’s your favorite brand?  
Photo by Thien Dang on Unsplash