Behind the Brand: Publicist Tikiyah Overstreet & the Gleamin Face Mask

By Michelby Whitehead
Popular beauty brands are never built overnight. It takes keen strategy and expertise to make a product launch a success.  It also takes a great publicist.  Reflect Beauty had the pleasure of speaking with super publicist Tikiyah Overstreet of Relate Public Relations about her work with Gleamin, the Vitamin C mask that is the talk of social media right now!  
Reflect Beauty (RB): As a publicist, how do you know it’s okay to put your seal of approval on any beauty brand? 
Tikiyah Overstreet (TO): As publicist or PR consultants, we need leverage when communicating a brand to the media. Seeking a publicist prematurely could be a waste of time if you do not have: 

  • Brand recognition  
  • A logo 
  • A website (how will anyone know how to locate your brand or make purchases without it?) 
  • Social media presence   

In addition to the above, I also pay attention to the passion that a company exudes during our initial PR meeting. If they don’t care about their brand, why should women care about using their products? Recognizing other competition and what is considered  “in” is another important  factor. For example, consumers and the media will be more inclined to pay attention to a brand that is health-conscious than not.  
I can utilize these types of selling points in my pitches. For me, it’s about creating as many pitches/angles as possible. If a beauty brand has all of the important points above, we are ready to work!  
RB: What did you seek to do differently with the Gleamin campaign versus how the industry is currently marketing to women?   
TO: Gleamin’s Vitamin C face mask helps women with dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Knowing this key point, we created a campaign centered around real results. We targeted everyday women who enjoy face masks, and they documented their journey with before and after photos during a 30-day period.  At the end, the majority of women noticed a positive difference with their skin. Creating unique campaigns, such as these, can help increase brand awareness.    

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash