Signs That Your Guy Is Depressed

We all get depressed at times. The major difference between the sexes is in how we handle it. Women are likely to seek someone to talk to for help. Men, on the other hand, are inclined to keep things bottled up inside – a move which can be detrimental to one’s mental health. 
If you think your guy might be depressed, take a moment to reflect on his recent behavior. Any of these 5 signs could mean he’s struggling and needs help.
1. Physical Aches and Pains
Mental health is closely tied to physical health. As such, depression often manifests itself in chronic (frequent or persistent) bodily pain. Backaches or headaches that remain, even after he has received typically adequate treatment for them, could be a sign that he is depressed. Other physical symptoms may include digestive discomforts such as heartburn, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and constipation.
2. Sexual Dysfunction
This can be a real relationship killer. You might read his inability or unwillingness to be intimate with you as proof he is no longer sexually interested in you or worse, that he is cheating. He may be frustrated by the loss of his sex drive (due to thoughts and feelings that lead to low self-worth and confidence) and not being able to give you the satisfaction you need. These may then compound his depression which could then worsen his sexual dysfunction. 
3. Anger and Irritability
Has your guy become more irritable lately or more sensitive to your well-intended criticisms? If he is, then depression could be to blame. It can cause men to become short-tempered, abusive, or controlling, even when these were not typical aspects of their character. It may feel like you’re living with a stranger.  
4. Risky Behavior
Reckless driving, substance abuse, and addictions (to gambling or pornography, for example) are other types of behaviors men exibit, brought on by depression. That’s because the condition leaves them feeling the need to escape from their current situation, if only for a while. Depression can also lead some men to indulge in unsafe sex. 
5. Fatigue
Extreme tiredness is often a symptom of depression in men, even more so than it is in women. This includes more than just physical tiredness, as emotional fatigue and the slowing of thought processes are also part of the condition. The lack of physical and emotional energy can leave your guy feeling like just getting out of bed is a struggle. 
There is no single indicator of depression and any of the signs we mentioned here may be caused by some other health condition. If you’re concerned and believe that your guy may be exhibiting signs of depression, encourage him to seek the professional help he needs while offering him your continued love and support. 
Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash