Makeup Trends: 2019 Flawless Looks for the Holidays 

by Jacqueline Samaroo 

Stepping out to a few parties and events this holiday season? In addition to the cute outfits I know you’ve already got hanging in the closet, and those booties you’ve been eyeing, you MUST put your best face forward…every time!  Check out our Top 5 Gorgeous Makeup Looks for premium holiday slayage! 
Bare Beauty 
It’s quite OK to go nude this year – as long as we’re talking about makeup! Nude makeup creates a fresh, natural, and empowered look. Plus, it pairs well with practically any outfit you choose to wear. No wonder nudes are trending in such a big way this season. #Protip: try eyeliner or lipstick in a dramatic color if you want your eyes and lips to be the focus in an otherwise nude makeup look. 
Winged/Cat Eyes 
Winged eyeliner is one retro look that’s back in the spotlight this holiday season. The winged look is great for highlighting your eyes when paired with neutral makeup (also trending!). You can also add a little extra flick at the tip of each wing for a friskier cat eye look. Another trend is complementing your bold winged eye makeup with the red lipstick shades coming up next. 
Dark Shades of Red Lipstick 
Bright red lips will always be a thing. Perhaps because the bold color acts as an instant confidence booster. This season, however, classic red is being joined by a few darker shades. The favorites include burgundy, merlot, red berry, oxblood, and brick red. Even magenta and dark, glossy shades of purple are getting in on the action. Go ahead and play around with the shades until you find the one (or few) that’s perfect for you. 
Glittery Eyes and Lips 
Shimmery eyeshadow is bringing makeup cheer to the holiday season and glitter is trending right along with it. Just a dab of glitter on the center of each eyelid adds sparkle to any makeup look. Plus, placing a touch of glitter at the inner corner of each eye helps you achieve brighter, more open eyes. 
Colored Underliner 
If you’ve stuck with the classic black eyeliner on your upper lash line only, then ‘tis the season to shake things up! Shades of blue, green, and purple are trending this season. Grab everyone’s attention by dressing up your eyes with these bold eyeliner colors. They are often worn as underliner only and frequently paired with a neutral smokey eye. Another popular look is to beautifully frame the eyes with bold color on both lash lines. Either way is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit! 
Which bold holiday looks are you rocking this season?! 
Photo by Jere Barcebal on Unsplash