How Natural Hair Extensions Can Add Variety To Your Hair

By Sabrina Perkins of
Classy, bougie, or ratchet; we can switch our hair like we switch our demeanour. Gone are the days that you felt ‘stuck’ with a particular hairstyle or look. Now that the cosmetic industry has upped their game, we can vary our color, length, texture and even add volume safely and conveniently, through the magic of good ol’ extensions! Best part is, when used correctly, these new extensions can serve as a protective style, helping you to grow out your real hair, shielding it from sun damage and styling tools.  
Still on the fence about trying extensions? Check out these convincing reasons below!
Enhance Hair Length
When you were a little girl, didn’t you put a t-shirt on your head and pretend it was long, flowing hair, flipping it, and tossing it all about in front of your mirror? No? Just me? Some of us were unable to fulfill that dream of long, flowing hair– whether due to poor hair care practices or slowly growing strands. But that doesn’t mean you’re resigned to ‘short hair don’t care’! From sew in closures, to weaves, to wigs, to faux locs, to crochet twists and braids, there’s a huge selection of length-enhancing situations out there no matter the look you’re trying to achieve! 
Natural hair extensions look and feel amazingly real and allow for you to have the length you crave without waiting for your own strands to get there. Remember, our hair grows out not down, so opt for this temporary fix, and enjoy your new look! 
Enhance Hair Color
Who doesn’t want to try all of the exciting and fresh hair colors launched every season?! Imagine 2020, rocking new shades of blonde, burgundy, magenta or copper brown. But, it is impossible to change your hair color every day, or even every few months. It’s financially burdening to upkeep, and a guaranteed way to damage your strands.
Hair extensions can save your pocket and your edges! They come in every color of the rainbow, so wild out, and have fun!  
Enhance Hair Volume
Some people have thin hair– lacking in density, or having fine strands, or both! Most doctors suggest turning to your diet to enhance the volume of your hair.  But, in addition to taking a long time to begin seeing results (6 months to a year), it can feel like a science experiment, AND there are no guarantees because hair growth, volume, and follicle density has a lot to do with your genes! In such situations, while you’re eating your leafy greens, and taking your supplements, you can also experiment with hair extensions, finding refuge as you face the reality of naturally thin hair, or even hair loss.  
Whether you’re going from Beyonce to Sasha Fierce or Miss Celie to Ms. Goldberg, natural extensions are here for you and all your “new hair, who dis” transformations!

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Sabrina Perkins is an author and beauty blogger of two successful blogs, and A natural hair expert with over 10 years in the field, her newest book, Natural Hair For Beginners – A Beginners Guide To Going Natural Successfully! has received rave reviews and breaks down the basics of natural hair and how to keep it healthy.