Going Blonde at Home | Asian to Blonde Hair Transformation

Going blonde is a popular trend among Asian beauties right now, but in an interview with the New York Times, actress Greta Lee says it’s much more than a beauty fad.  “It may seem like a silly, frivolous act, an act of vanity, but Asians and Asian-Americans have a history of being marginalized and ignored, so whatever the political statement is, maybe by having blond hair, it’s a very simple declaration: ‘Here I am. Pay attention to me. See me.’”  It’s a bold look, and trending hard and going strong!  Check out the gorgeous Liana C to see how she achieved platinum locks safely at home! 

Here at ReflectBeauty we’re all about DIY beauty projects, but we’d be bad friends if we didn’t tell you that drastic color changes and hair cuts are best done at the salon with a trusted professional, or under the guidance of a stylist, or after much MUCH research, and patch testing.  We love you and want you to be empowered and safe! 

Would you rock the platinum look?!