The Skincare Mistakes That Were Making My Eyes Puffy and Tired!

Hola Chicas!
So I smile, a lot. A lot, a lot. Maybe not in pictures, but definitely in real life!  Resting bitch face was my thing, but I started smiling actively as a meditation, like this back in 2016ish.  They say the day always looks brighter from behind a smile, and they absolutely weren’t lying. But while it feels amazing to glow from the inside-out, and to help activate the glow in others, repetitive facial movements can and will leave ‘beauty’ marks 🙂  STORY TIME!  The year was 2017. I had already delivered Max, and Gene and I were sitting across from each other having brunch, al fresco. I was devouring a loaded hash brown bowl with all the cheese, onions, and mushrooms, and sipping my Bellini. Happy, oblivious to the acute ‘before-after’ quality of the moment. 
We were belly laughing about something and then he said, ‘Oh how cute! I can see where your wrinkles are going to be– around your eyes, there!’  Innocent enough, it stung in the moment, and worse later when I ran to the first mirror I could find.  All of a sudden I went from completely unaware of the fact that this body was actively aging to aware AF, constantly mirror checking and buying allllllll the serums, lotions, and potions. It was an obsession; like if I found the right mix of products I could stop it? Excellent. Right in the midst of my spiritual awakening, my mind was reeling constantly about improving my eye area.  I’d go from reading Goldsmith to scouring the web for youthful eye remedies. I could see this seeming like back-tracking, but couldn’t do anything in those early days but watch it play out.  
The constant close-up mirror checking revealed a super-fine line under my left eye.  I had no idea how long it had been there, but now, it was all that I could see.  No products helped it, some made it worse (and the rest of my skin too, causing unnecessary breakouts, etc.), and every morning I woke up it seemed worse than the day before! It also didn’t appear to be caused by the smiling.  The smiling lines would crinkle and then disappear, but this line was static. I resorted to professional facials, microneedling, and finally botox, which I abandoned because (1) it felt toxic, (2) didn’t help that line at all, and (3) it made my smile hella weird. Like Dr. Evil, weird.  Acceptance was easy in other areas of my life, but I found this one hard.  However, it was good spiritual work, ‘spiritual vitamins’ as Mooji would say, and I overcame it eventually by remembering to feel for LOVE inside, before looking in the mirror.  Then, the appearance of Nikki and all of her lines, crinkles, and radiance was happening in this Love, in this Perfection, in what I really am.  It felt good and true, and now everyone I meet, I hold in this Loving acceptance as well. I smile now, non-stop, without (much) worry about the side-effects! 
But, while I may have one foot in the Kingdom, I’m still in this world!  And you’re reading because you are too. And you want some answers!
I’ve got three things to share which GREATLY reduced the line under my left eye and made my eyes less puffy and more youthful looking overall.  Wanna hear it?

  1. I started sleeping on my back — When I was pregnant, I was told to sleep on my left side for the baby (better circulation or something?). Both pregnancies I did that, and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s a habit. And if you have more fine lines on one side of your face than the other, this may be the culprit for you, too!  Go to the bathroom mirror and imitate how your face likely rests on your pillow at night.  When I use my hand to simulate a pillow, my face folds right where that line is! Like this-

Satin pillow cases help (which you likely already have because of your hurrrr), but they’re not enough. You have to train yourself to fall asleep on your back and stay that way! I trained myself with an airplane neck pillow, and now sleep on a thin, satin-covered pillow, flat on my back. My head rolls to one side or the other, but it’s still mostly looking up toward the ceiling.  This one thing GREATLY reduced that line, more than any products, or facials. It took about a solid month and that line gradually reduced. 
IMG_0878 (1)
You can see it here (pic from July 2020). When I sleep on my back, it’s gone. When I don’t, it’s faint and gets worse throughout the day with all the smizing! This hair? My! Get one and be great without trying haha!  The hair comes with the hat, girl. GIRL. 

  1. I stopped using heavy creams — I noticed a pattern.  When I went to sleep greasy, shining, with a super heavy rich cream on my face (drugstore ones like Cetaphil and then more expensive boutique ones), I woke up puffy. My eyes would look like I had ZERO sleep.  When I went to sleep without doing my nightly routine, I woke up fresher looking.  My pores were imperceptible and there was no fluid retention under my eyes at all.  I recently started using mostly serums (that also contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, veggie glycerin, etc) and the puffy under eye struggle is no-more. If your eyes look tired even after getting a good night sleep, and you’ve tried every cream under the sun, stop. Try a light weight serum, and see where this leaves you.  Also, read this article!
  2. Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum from Whole Foods– MY. JAM. And it’s cheap. And it has great, all-natural ingredients. While I’m sure the new-age retinol is doing something, I think it’s the Oat Beta Glucan doing the heavy lifting. Between that, the Aloe Vera, and the Sodium Hyaluronate, I wake up glowing  If I feel dry after applying it, which I usually do not, I’ll add some Rose Water + Glycerin by spraying it into my hands before applying it to my face and neck. 

IMG_0691 (1)
Pic taken August 2020
I also rarely wear makeup.  Even stopped with the concealer (which was a new addition trying to minimize the look of tired eyes).  Just a lippie, and a little brow fill in from time to time. 
And that’s all I got for now!  I’ll share my full routine in another post. 
Standing with you in and AS Love, 
What skincare practices have been game changing for you?