Calm TF Down- How to Quickly Shift Into Peace During Stressful Moments

By Nikki Walton of
When an anger or fear-provoking situation arises, PAUSE, and ask yourself ‘is Love here, too?’ 
Then, smile, EXHALE, relax your stomach muscles, and feel for the Love that is always, already (t)here, inside, simultaneously existing with the situation, the thoughts, the emotions, and the body’s ‘overwhelming’ sensations. This Love (felt as peace or relaxation) is the only constant in every situation— in every seeming ‘good’ or ‘bad’ moment, you must learn to stay focused on the Light. And then, watch IT unfold as patience, clarity, peace, calm responses, and the most effective decisions. Make Divine Love a habit, your passion, your purpose. ⠀
Standing with you in and AS Love,