Get A Full-Body Workout At Home With This 10-Minute Routine

Health guru Radhi and former Oympian Louise Hazel show us how to get fit at home.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

We love tuning in to health guru and Ayurvedic chef Radhi for her must-follow wellness tips. A recent video featuring a full-body workout in just 10 minutes is no exception. Taking cues from her friend and former Olympian and Commonwealth gold medalist Louise Hazel, who she affectionately refers to as Lou Lou, Radhi shows us how to get fit without leaving the comfort of our homes.

“She [Lou Lou] has helped me understand my body so much better and changed the way I see my training,” says Rahdi. “I am so excited for you all to experience her incredible energy and knowledge!”

Watch the video and let us know what your current socially-distant exercise routine looks like!

00:00 Intro
02:04 Warm up
06:10 Legs
09:02 Abs
13:47 Arms
18:01 Core