#5MinutesWith Ella Gorgla

Reflect Beauty chats it up with Ella Gorgla, founder of 25 Black Women In Beauty

Ella Gorgla
Photo Credit: Nicole Mondestin Photography

Reflect Beauty is excited to connect with Ella Gorgla, CEO and co-founder of 25 Black Women in Beauty (25BWB), an organization founded to elevate and celebrate Black women while driving equity and inclusion in the industry.

Established in 2019, the organization has amassed more than 40K Instagram followers while building a subscriber network of more than 2K beauty bosses and entrepreneurs. Its corporate partners include Sephora, Ulta Beauty, CHANEL, Versed Skincare, and more, and has been featured in WWD, Forbes, Essence, Vox, as well as others.

Gorgla has over 25 years of professional experience as a seasoned beauty industry and strategy executive. Prior to founding 25BWB, Gorgla served as executive director of strategic initiatives and corporate Innovation for Estee Lauder Companies. She was also executive director of global retail for MAC Cosmetics, where she launched innovative retail concepts around the world and led the entry of MAC Cosmetics into Ulta Beauty.

Gorgla is passionate about entrepreneurship, beauty, and the role women can play in advancing social equity. Our creative strategist, Nikki Walton, recently had a virtual sit down with this gorgeous powerhouse and innovator to get the deets on her self-care and self-love routines! Check it out!

On her morning routine:
I start the day off with a prayer and a full glass of water followed by stretches.

On becoming and being #Ella2.0:
Without question, it’s been deepening my relationship with Christ and reading the Bible more intently. Gratitude, no matter the situation, is also a great source of healing.

On her vision for 25BWB:
The original vision was really simple – to celebrate and acknowledge ourselves as Black women. What turned out to be a relatively simple vision resonated with so many and evolved the brand into a full platform.

On her biggest lesson learned in the past year:
Biggest lesson – manage your expectations of people. 2021 is about living a more purpose-driven and faith-based life.

On her current read:
I’m a big fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson and find myself reading and (re)reading his essays and poetry. I love his essays on ‘Character’ and ‘Self-Reliance’.

On staying centered during this time of social distancing:
Finding purpose in my work and impacting the lives of Black female professionals and entrepreneurs in beauty has been rewarding.

On current and future projects:
I just want to say I love the work you’re doing and the positive messages of hope and inspiration you spread on a daily message. It’s so refreshing.
website: www.25bwb.org
IG: @25_bwb
If anyone is interested in joining 25 Black Women in Beauty, they can visit: www.25bwb.org/joinus
We also have a very active Career Board with opportunities in Beauty: www.25bwb.org/career-board