5 Tips For Protecting Your Hair In The Cooler Months

Here are some essential tips to help your hair beat the cold-weather blues.

woman with hair in fall
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As the cooler months approach us, many of us are looking forward to the promise of leaves changing and nights spent cozying up to a fire. While it’s certainly a time to unwind and ditch some of the usual stress, making sure our hair stays healthy and hydrated is still a priority.

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Hair damage is often associated with the dry heat of the summer, but winter’s cold temperatures can actually be just as detrimental to your tresses. The cold air strips hair’s natural moisture and leaves you dealing with frizziness and dryness. If you’re looking to keep your strands healthy in these conditions, keep reading to find out five tips for protecting your hair this winter.

Deep Condition

Our first line of defense against unruly, dry hair is always moisture. By applying a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, you are breathing some life back into your hair and scalp. DIY masks, leave-in conditioners, and oils can all be incorporated into your weekly hair routine. These will keep your hair replenished and moisturized in the colder months ahead.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

This tip can be applied to any weather condition, but it is just as prevalent in preserving your hair this winter. Keeping your hair washing routine to a maximum of one to two times a week helps lock in hair’s natural moisture. For those worried about maintaining volume, dry shampoos can be used in between washes.

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Getting Regular Trims

What’s a better excuse to rock a fresh haircut than holiday parties? We all know getting our hair trimmed regularly is a good habit to have, and it is especially helpful during the winter. A trim every two to three months will eliminate split ends and combat dryness.

Wear A Silk Head Scarf

If you’re looking to participate in winter fashion, cute beanies and hats are most likely in your wardrobe. While they are certainly a fashion statement, they also dry out your hair. Wearing your silk head scarf underneath these accessories can help work to maintain the moisture in your hair.

Get A Humidifier

Here’s one tip you probably wouldn’t have thought about. Using a humidifier, especially when you’ve got your heater on blast, can help keep your skin and hair from getting too dry.

Do you have any go-to tips for hydrating your locks in cooler weather? Leave a comment below!