5 Food-Inspired Goodies to Satisfy Your Skincare Cravings

Get into these luscious beauty finds.

Food-Inspired Skincare
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We thought it would be hard to make beauty and skincare more appetizing to the already discerning beauty enthusiast. (Have you seen our beauty closets?) However, some of our fave brands are proving otherwise by cooking up new ways to sweeten our beauty palates. 

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They are pulling out all the stops with must-haves that remind us of our favorite foods and sweet treats while also helping us keep looking like a whole snack. And we couldn’t keep all of these goodies to ourselves.

Foodie-meets-beauty in this round-up of skincare must-haves that look and smell good enough to (almost) eat. From luscious desserts and ice cream to coffee-infused pick-me-ups, swipe through for some of our favorite food-inspired products.

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