5 Nontoxic Black-Owned Nail Polish Brands To Rock This Summer

These Black woman-owned polish brands offer up shades to complement all skin tones.

Black woman-owned nail polish
Photo courtesy brands

If clean nail polish products are your jam, you’re not alone. The nontoxic nail game continues to be on fire with brands offering options that are long-lasting, have a smooth application with a variety of attention-grabbing colorways, and are free from known harmful chemicals.

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What could be better? When you can get all of this from a brand that knows the struggle of finding just the right pigment for your skin’s unique undertones, gets that an outfit isn’t complete without a fire mani to match, and isn’t afraid to imagine collections that color outside the lines. 

So, if you’re looking for some new clean polish options, you can step up your “free-from” mani/pedi game while supporting these five Black women-owned non-toxic nail color brands. Swipe through to get into our latest list.