3 Styling Tips For Bangin’ Bangs

Here’s to perfect face-framing fringe!

young woman with bangs
Photo Credit: Tim Robberts // Getty

Getting bangs is more than a hairstyle change, it’s a lifestyle change. Whether a spur-of-the-moment chop in your bathroom or a more thought-out decision with your hairstylist, you are not only making a commitment to a new look, but a new styling regimen. 

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Of course, they can be a great way to shake up your look, but they also require a lot of attention. You may have to go through a ton of trial and error to land on a routine that works for you and your bangs.

But, don’t let this discourage you or your dreams. Those newly cropped face-framers could become your best accessory, yet. Read on for styling tips to help you get and keep your bangs bangin’.

Brush Into Formation 

The key to good bangs starts the moment you hop out of the shower with freshly shampooed hair. Brush your bangs forward in the direction you want them to lay. This will help to train your hair and help ensure they don’t split once dry.

If your bangs are straight, blow dry them out with a round brush. Hold the blow dryer directly above your head and move the round brush away from you while turning the brush down.  If using a blow dryer and a hairbrush is difficult to control or hard on the arms, opt for a hair dryer brush combo. This may make it easier for you to work on the twisting technique. For side hair pieces, put the brush on your head and move away from your head while twisting the brush away from you.

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Boost Volume With Self-Grip Hair Rollers

If you have the luxury of time or like to avoid heat, self-grip hair rollers are a great option for setting your bangs. They come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from based on the length of your bangs and the amount of volume you want to achieve. 

With this method, it’s as easy as sectioning out your hair, putting the hair roller at the end of your strands, and rolling towards your head until you reach your forehead.

The best part is that you can do this while your hair is wet or dry. If doing it while dry, roll up hair before you start getting ready. Once you’ve applied your makeup and all the finishing touches, simply remove the hair roller and you’ll be ready to go!

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Keep Them Clean

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to shampoo just your bangs. Your bangs are more likely to be oilier from the oil on your fingertips. This can weigh the hair down and make it start to separate.

Washing can also help you reset stubborn bangs. Sometimes blow drying, straightening, curling, or adding hair product aren’t enough to get your bangs to lay correctly. Rather than fighting it, start with a clean, fresh slate. 

Bonus Tip: Only Cut Bangs When Dry

Make sure tresses are fully dry before chopping. Hair is longer when it’s wet. So, to make sure you get the length you want, cut while dry. This way, you’ll avoid expectedly giving yourself the Lord Farquaad look. 

And, if you’ve got naturally curly or kinky/curly hair, unless you’re only wearing them curly, blow out your bangs straight before you cut. This will help to ensure you’re getting an even cut.