Art Of Influence: Chinyere Adogu, Founder of Newly-Launched Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair

Get to know the French curl, a hot new look for your braids.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chinyere Adogu

Chinyere Adogu is a Brooklyn-born Nigerian content creator and founder of exciting new braid line, Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair. You may recognize Adogu as a top NYC fashion influencer who enjoys sharing her love of style and travel on Instagram and TikTok. She launched her career as a content creator in 2017 and quickly became one to watch as her followers took notice of her confidence and top-notch style. Last month, Adogu debuted her new business venture, Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair, which features the highly sought-after French Curls braid style. 

Here’s how it all began. Two years ago, Adogu was in Nigeria for a trip and noticed a new type of braiding hair. Once she tried the hair, she loved how lightweight it was and that it didn’t need hot water to achieve its finished look. This particular type of braiding hair helped Adogu fall in love with braids again after she had stopped doing the style years ago. Not only was this new style more enjoyable, the application and the take-down method were also faster.  

 When Adogu came back to the US wearing the French Curl braids, people stopped her on the street asking where they could get the braids. At the time it wasn’t readily available in the States so it was difficult for her to direct them on where to purchase. “You couldn’t go into typical beauty supply stores and buy it off the shelves. There was a demand and no supply, so I became the supply.” And with this, Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair was born.

For about eight months, Adogu began researching wholesalers, getting samples, and trying them out on her own hair to see how they performed. After that, she found a supplier and began building a team. She hired a social media manager, a company for brand development, and a website developer. Within a year, her new business venture was ready to launch. Adogu says the majority of her customers come from social media (Instagram and Tiktok) and hail from the US, Canada, and the UK. When asked where she sees Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair in 5 years? “I would love to see it sold in beauty supply stores.”

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After one glance at the stunning campaign images, it’s clear that Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair is for the stylish girl who loves to stand out. The beautifully made website adorned with pink accents is a destination for IT girls and trendsetters. The braiding hair comes in five colors showing love for Adogu’s Nigerian Igbo culture: Chiamaka (#1B), Chiamanda (#4), Chika (#350), Chinyere (#30), and Chioma (#27). You can choose from four lengths: 14, 18, 22, and 24 inches. Prices per pack range from $16-22.

Reflect Beauty sat down with Adogu to get the full scoop on everything from her inspiration to how she sees the brand growing.

Reflect Beauty: What drives you?
CA: The results! I love seeing women look good. This brand is something that I truly enjoy so I just feel like it’s a little part of me. My company is a way for women to have something in common and connect, even as strangers.

RB: How do you reflect beauty to the world around you?
CA: I feel like I’m very transparent and firm in the way I love myself. I really love my size and I’ve gotten DMs in the past from women saying that I made it easier for them to love their small frames because of how I carry myself unapologetically. I’ve always been happy with the way my body looks. There is so much happiness and peace with being your own best friend and being in love with yourself. 

RB: What beauty must-have can you not live without?
CA: Body oil! I oil up my skin in the morning and night. My fave is Vaseline’s Coconut Body Oil. That stuff is no joke. I also love Sol de Janeiro, Saltair, and Bolden’s shea oil. I rotate between them depending on the temperature or if I want more of a scent.

RB: What’s in your bag right now?
CA: Ole Henriksen lip balm, MAC lip glass, Prada wallet to hold all my credit cards, a lens wipe for my iPhone camera if I need to capture content, keys, and my Kate Spade sparkly AirPods case.

Check out Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair for yourself, and let us know if you try it in the comments below.