5 Black Queer Makeup Artists You Need to Be Following

These makeup artists have all the inspo

Black Queer Makeup Artists to Follow | Reflect Beauty
Photo Credit: Giselle Ali on Instagram

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in talent from some incredible beauty creators that we may have never met bfore thanks to platforms such as TikTok and, of course, Instagram. It feels like every day we’re scrolling past crazy-talented people with some of the most unique makeup looks that it would take us twenty tries to perfect. 

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We created a list of our top five favorite black queer makeup artists to celebrate and gain creativity from this pride month. Whether you’re looking for some new inspiration in your beauty routine or want to start trying out unfamiliar makeup styles, look no further. 

Keep scrolling to become just as obsessed with these creators as we are. 

Raisa Flowers

When Raisa is not walking in a Savage X Fenty show, modeling, or doing Rihanna’s makeup, you can find her posting some of her most insane creations on Instagram via her profile @raisaflowers

Raisa has worked with brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Studio Fix, and Laquan Smith. She has also graced us with her talents on the cover of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Rolling Stone. Her work continues to be eye-catching and definitely worth hitting the follow button for. 

Char Elleese

London-based content creator Char Ellesse, @ellessechar, is the founder of ‘Girlswillbeboys,’ an online storytelling platform focused on the exploration of gender and sexuality. Ellesse’s podcast ‘Say it with Your Chest’ and self-produced short films share her path to self-discovery and acceptance. 

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On Instagram, you can find Char posting fierce avant-garde makeup looks you will instantly want to recreate. Her colorful eyeshadow looks and her cool-girl outfits will leave you wanting more. 

Autumn Angelize

We’re not sure if we should convince you to follow Autumn, @looksbyotto, for their outfit inspo or makeup creations because both are equally impressive. Autumn’s makeup style can best be described as bright, colorful, and enchanting. From trippy eyeshadow designs to absolutely perfect shading techniques, Autumn’s looks get more creative every day. Autumn is definitely one to watch in the future, as their career is just getting started. 

Nikki Calloway


LA-based makeup artist Nikki Calloway is known for her bright pink hair and illuminating makeup selfies. From bronzed looks that shine effortlessly in the sun to bold lip combos, Nikki showcases her talent beautifully, and it’s clear that she’s bound to go far in her career. Nikki, If you’re reading this, drop the lipstick combo because everyone is dying to know what products you use. 

Giselle Ali

Giselle is a red carpet and editorial makeup artist who’s worked with clients such as Cynthia Erivo and Michaela Coel. Giselle’s unique use of color on herself and her clients is definitely worth a follow. Her simple, yet stunning line work draws us in every time. Giselle is also great at costume makeup and displays some of her amazing creations on Instagram. Vogue nicknamed her ‘Captain of the Cat Eye,’ and through her work, it’s obvious why.