A Pro Makeup Artist Shares Her Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup Must-Haves

If you want your makeup to stay on all summer, follow these tips.

summer makeup tips
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

I don’t know about you, but walking outside right now feels like hopping into my air fryer with the never-ending humid, dry air, and I am not here for it! There are so many summer beats I’ve been wanting to experiment with but am too afraid to take out of the house. I refuse to let my summer sweat stop me from popping off and wearing all the makeup I want these next few months. We sat down with professional makeup artist Emma Elizabeth to get the scoop on the summer must-have products that will hold your makeup all day long, no matter the temperature.  

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Emma Elizabeth is a commercial makeup artist who’s worked with clients such as Olay, Dove, Queen V, Thinx, and Function of Beauty, to name a few. She tells us her secret recipe for maintaining flawless skin in the sun is keeping it simple: Thin layers and a setting powder should do the trick. Emma tells us to devise a routine featuring only water or silicone-based products “Foundations, blushes, bronzers, etc. that are wax and oil based tend to have meltdowns in the heat. Just like when you leave a tube of lipstick in a hot car, your body temperature will heat the makeup and separate on your face.” 

Skin prep is essential in the summer months as keeping the skin hydrated without adding extra shine is vital. To do this, Emma highly suggests a matte finish moisturizer before you start applying the product – stay tuned for her favorite option. On the other end, sealing your makeup once it’s finished to leave the house is just as important “Sealing sprays are a level above a setting spray. They have polymers that form a film on the skin to create a barrier. Drag queens, theater performers, and special effects artists have used them for years. I love using them as a barrier spray to prevent sweat or oil from breaking down the makeup.” 

From blotting powder to waterproof mascara, these are Emma’s top pics for a flawless face your sweat will not be able to ruin.

Premier Products Inc. Blue Marble Selr Spray

blue marble selr spray
Photo Credit: Brand

Emma refers to this spray as “a true pro product.” It can be used as a priming spray to create a barrier between your skin and makeup or as the last step to seal everything in.

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder

fenty beauty invisimatte
Photo Credit: Brand

This powder absorbs sweat instantly and makes skin texture look very smooth without any gray streaks, no matter how much you apply—layer over sunscreen to remove any excess shine. Emma is on her ninth container of this stuff, as it’s a holy grail in her client kit. 

Naturium UV Reflect Antioxidant SPF 50 sunscreen

naturium spf
Photo Credit: Brand

White cast who? This SPF has a soft matte finish and doesn’t make skin greasy.

Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue

chanel lip
Photo Credit: Brand

This Chanel lip duo has lipstick on one side and lipgloss on the other and is the longest-lasting lipstick Emmas ever used. “Go swimming or eat a slice of pizza; it isn’t going anywhere. The gloss keeps the lips feeling comfortable and not too dry. Worth the 45 dollars,” she shares. Go snag some before I sell them out. 

Estee Lauder Day Wear Matte Moisturizer

estee lauder moisturizer
Photo Credit: Brand

With a refreshing cucumber smell, this moisturizer hydrates the skin without feeling dry.

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash

etude mascara
Photo Credit: Brand

This mascara primer makes any mascara waterproof, keeps lashes curled, and is smudge-proof. Amazing for summer!

This summer is going to to be a scorcher. What’s the go to tip above that you’ll be trying out?