How To Use Rice Water to Achieve Korean Glass Skin

What is rice water and what can it do for your skin?

rice water for skin
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Raise your hand if you’ve been on the receiving end of endless Tik Tok videos of rice water on their FYP touting all of its amazing benefits. The hype makes sense; Rice water is inexpensive, quick to make if you’re trying the DIY version, and according to the entire internet, really works! 

Rice water’s origins as a beauty ingredient dates back to ancient Asian civilizations and was (and still is) often used for hair growth due to its high count of amino acids. 

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More recently, rice water has been credited with transformative skin benefits such as eliminating dark spots and acne. One con is the strong smell, but for glass-like skin, we’ll deal. But how exactly do we make it, and when should we use it? Let’s discuss! 

How to Make Rice Water: 

We found this recipe from Tams Skyn, a beauty and skin influencer, who graciously shared her grandmother’s recipe with us via a viral Tiktok video. 
Rice Water Ingredients: 

2 cups of rice 
Cold water 

How to Make Rice Water for Your Skin at Home: 

Rinse the rice with cold water in a large bowl two times and then pour out all the water 
On your third rinse, get into the rice with your hands and begin washing thoroughly (cloudy water = best results) 
Pour it into a mason jar or spray bottle 
Store in the fridge 

How to Use it On skin: 

Wash your face as usual. 
Take your rice water spray bottle or jar and apply all over your face. 
Let it air dry. 
Continue with the rest of your skincare routine once dry. 

How simple is that! Let us know in the comments if rice water has worked for you on your skin or hair.