How To Make Your Tan Last Long Past Your Holiday

How to keep your summer tan after a vacay.

how to keep your tan
Photo Credit: Estudio23

You’ve returned from vacation relaxed, recharged and with a rich tan that came from the sun and not a self-tanner. Yes, it’s not the healthiest, but now that you’ve got it, how do you keep your summer glow going?

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Here are Reflect Beauty’s top tips to help your tan last and last.


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It seems counterintuitive to exfoliate when you have a tan. Won’t I scrub away my tanned skin? Actually, sloughing away the dead skin cells reveals the sun-kissed layer beneath. There’s nothing worse than dry patches covering up your glow. Melanin (the part of our skin cells that turns it darker) is in the epidermis, which isn’t affected by scrubbing or shaving.


Inner hydration is one of the tenets of skincare. Drinking enough water—six to eight glasses a day—keeps our skin hydrated from the inside. Tan skin needs as much hydration as possible. So break out your refillable water bottle.

Cool Showers & No Chlorine

Hot baths and showers can dry out skin by stripping out your natural oils. With a tan, the drier your skin, the more likely you’ll peel. Take lukewarm or cool showers and use a moisturizing shower oil or cream. Chlorine can also break down skin’s natural oils so rinse with fresh, cool water immediately after swimming.


There’s no getting around it: Tan skin is dry skin. Hopefully, you were moisturizing before and during your vacation. You most definitely need to keep moisturizing after. Look for products with aloe vera, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Get liberal with your moisturizing, especially after an exfoliating (cool) shower.

Self Tan

The best way to extend your tan’s life is by using a self tanner. Check out our story on the best self tanners for brown and black skin. A self tanner tops up what the sun gave you so that you can head into the fall and winter with your glow on.

Which one of these tips will be first on your to-do list after your vacay? Let us know if in the comments below!