9 Afro-Latina Celebrities And Beauty Influencers You Need To Follow

Here are our favorite Afro- Latinas to follow on Instagram.

afro latinas to follow
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

In honor of Latine Heritage month, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Afro-Latina celebrities and beauty influencers. Over the years, Afro-Latinas have sadly been overlooked in pop culture—and sometimes even by other people of color—so, we are intentionally shining a spotlight on nine of the most stylish and inspirational Afro-Latinas who consistently keep our timelines lit.

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Representation matters and even a seemingly innocent piece of content, like a makeup tutorial or shopping haul video, can make a meaningful impact on someone’s self-esteem. We all deserve to be seen; not just those of us who were born with traditional European beauty standards. Reflect Beauty proudly celebrates all shades of beauty, varying hair textures and lengths, as well as body shapes, during this important month of the year.


Alexa Dolmo


Hailing from Houston by way of Honduras, this bombshell identifies as Garifuna, a mix of African and Indigenous ancestry, mainly from the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Belize. Over the years, the stylish influencer has grown to be more confident about celebrating her Afro-Latina roots and we think she looks damn good doing it.

Amara La Negra

This Miami-born beauty of Dominican descent has a bawdy and hair that is thiiick! While singing and performing are two of her biggest passions, this former child pageant star also has her own lip gloss line, Eternal Beauty by Amara.

Lala Anthony

She’s an actress, author, serial entrepreneur and a mom. What can’t Lala do? We enjoy watching this Puerto Rican crush everything she sets out to accomplish—and she is always absolutely flawless building her growing empire.

Monica Veloz

She’s a Dominican influencer who is always sharing inspiring fashion, beauty and lifestyle content—and usually peppered with welcoming good vibes and a hefty dose of Splanglish. Get into it.

Julissa Prado

The Mexican-American business woman manages to balance practical beauty and style tips, fun family posts, and important (but not preachy!) chats about personal finance. She is also the mastermind behind Rizos Curls. What’s not to love?

Farah Vargas


This Dominican trendsetter encourages other Latina moms to teach their daughters to love the hair they were born with, gives endless fashion inspo and even makes us chuckle every now and again. Check, check and check!

Jackii De La Rosa

Influencers like this Dominican lifestyle content creator fill our timelines with helpful makeup and skincare product recommendations, natural hair hacks for curly girls, and fun travel tips—plus positive (sans corny vibes) mantras that keep us focused on living life to the fullest.

Kay Cola

The multitalented founder of OrganiGrowHairCo, who identifies as Black, Puerto Rican, Spanish and Salvadorian is also a Grammy-nominated songwriter and singer. Quite frankly, her account is just plain fun. It is refreshing to see women of color living their best lives while still being relatable. Kay has “It”.

Denise Mercedes

We appreciate how unapologetic this Dominican powerhouse is about style and identity across social media platforms. She even created the popular hashtag: #stylenotsize.

Who is your favorite Afro-Latina influencer to follow on social? We want to know who and why in the comments below!