6 Latine Fragrance Brands We’re Loving

According to the latest Fragrance Report from the NPD Group, no one knows fragrance better than the Latine community.

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We all know a spritz or two of the right fragrance can completely change your mood. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any look, and according to the latest Fragrance Report from the NPD Group, no one knows that better than the Latine community.

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According to the report, over 85 percent of Hispanic consumers wear perfume and other fragrance products, with more than 60 percent adding they won’t leave the house without wearing fragrance and are even more likely to wear multiple fragrances on the same day. Collectively, Hispanic and African American women spend more than $150 million annually on fragrance.

As much as Latines enjoy and spend on fragrance, there’s still a way to go with respect to Latine representation among those creating the fragrances. Some organizations are working to change that. For example, the Fragrance Foundation works toward ensuring industry representation through access to career development and economic empowerment. 

“Highlighting Hispanic designers, brands, and perfumers who are the creative forces in the industry is an essential part of [our] commitment,” said Linda G. Levy, president of the Fragrance Foundation, in a statement to Reflect Beauty. “Through our sweeping diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative ‘#FragranceForwardTFF,” we celebrate and recognize Hispanic designers, brands, and perfumers.”

Here are six Latine fragrance brands you can check out today. Scroll for our favorites!

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