79 Luxe: A Luxury Skin Care Brand Catering to Skin Beneath The Neck

79 Luxe, a skincare line aimed at customers aged 30 and up or for anyone with dry, dull, and sensitive skin. 

79 luxe skin
Photo: Courtesy of the brand | Artwork: Joy Adaeze

With the representation we see in ads, TikTok, and celebrity collaborations, you could assume that women stop treating their skin once they turn 40. After all, most of the brand ambassadors in skin care ads look like they were just treated to an expensive facial or spa treatment.

Just ask London-based skincare influencer, Karen Cummings-Palmer. Back in 2013, she lived in Los Angeles working with celebrity and high profile clients as a health and wellness coach, nutritionist, and “age manager.”

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“The goal of age management is not to look younger, instead, it’s really centered around capturing the ‘essence of youth’—that same energy, that same vitality, and the same glow that we associate with healthy, youthful skin,” says Cummings-Palmer. 

luxe 79
Photo Credit: Brand

Ten years later, at age 53, she launched 79 Luxe, a skincare line aimed at customers aged 30 and up or for anyone with dry, dull, and sensitive skin. 

“We are a luxury intentional body care brand focused on the skin that’s beneath the neck. This brand really changed the conversation about the skin that not everyone is seeing all the time, says Cummings-Palmer. “There are so many women of my generation in their 40s and 50s and beyond who know a bit about health and have taken care of the skin on their face but have not paid attention to the skin beneath the neck.” 

79 luxe
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Cummings-Palmer started 79 Luxe to fulfill a need. The line of luxury intentional body care provides solution specific treatment for the skin beneath the neck although she uses the Golden Oil on her face and layered over their ultra-nourishing Balm for extra moisture. She loves the lit-from-within luminosity that comes with layering skincare, which she says, much like clothing, will help provide a little extra “cold-weather comfort.” 

While most beauty brands are busy courting the 20-somethings with baby-like youthful skin, the 50-plus consumer has been woefully cast aside—looking for products that speak directly to her needs and her skin. 

“I must say that I use to have horrible skin, very bad eczema from my head down to my toes so I understood what it was like to have super sensitive skin—skin that only healed over time and I am here to tell people that their skin CAN get better as they get older so I’ve been very focused on how to nourish the skin.”

luxe 79
Photo Credit: Brand

This is where 79 Luxe comes in—allowing their customers to be seen and heard and most of all, appreciated. And not just when it comes to the outside but also recognizing what’s inside as well. 

“I focus a lot in my work on beauty from the inside out; taking a very holistic approach to nourishing the body and skin—we quite literally want to feed the skin the best and most nourishing products,” believes Cummings-Palmer. 

“We all need a little extra when it comes to winter, and skincare really does start from the inside out so make sure that your diet is nutrient rich with plenty of antioxidants and omega 3’s. Vitamin C will not only help to support your immunity but also your natural collagen production. Look for ingredients in both facial and body skincare like hyaluronic acid squalene and rose oil—deeply nourishing and helping to both attract and retain moisture.“

Founded in 2019, the 79 Luxe skin care line consists of four products: a rich yet easily absorbed hand cream, an ultra nourishing body balm, the gently purifying stimulating hand and body cleanser, and the ultra-luxurious, cold pressed and essential gold-infused body oil.