This Oil Is Proven to Promote Hair Growth

by Fiona of LoveYourTresses

Fun fact: Our hair is likely to grow at a slower rate during the colder months due to several factors. (Check out this post for the full scoop.) One of the main factors I mention is the slower rate of blood circulation, especially in our extremities (e.g. the scalp, fingertips and toes). Of course, once I learned this, I had to figure out a way to combat it. So I did some research and put together this video on 4 growth-boosting techniques to tackle the winter growth slump. One of the techniques shown in the video is the addition of an essential oil to each and every hair product that comes into contact with my scalp: peppermint oil.
My discovery of peppermint oil and its ability to speed up hair growth came from a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a resource I often go to in search of hair care-related studies. The study, titled ‘Peppermint Oil Promotes Hair Growth without Toxic Signs,’ was conducted on a group of mice who had their back hairs shaved with animal clippers. The shaved mice were split into four groups and given a topical application of saline, Jojoba oil, 3% minoxidil, or 3% peppermint oil diluted in Jojoba oil. These were applied once a day, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks, and progress photos were taken every week.
Now here is where things get interesting. From week 2, the mice given the peppermint oil mix showed a much faster rate of hair growth than the mice in the other groups. Furthermore, at the end of the experiment, the mice given the peppermint oil mix experienced 92% hair growth, compared to the group with the second-highest rate of growth with 55%, who were given minoxidil (a medication used to prevent hair loss and promote regrowth). To take things a step further, it was also observed that after 4 weeks, the mice given the peppermint oil mix had a dermal thickness that was 120% thicker than that of the mice given saline and 81% thicker than that of the mice given Jojoba oil.
Now, if that isn’t a page turner on the hair growth front, I don’t know what is!
As I mentioned above, this finding led me to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into just about any and every product that comes into contact with my scalp, and you can too! Per the study, it only took a 3% peppermint oil solution to impact the rate of growth, which means just a few drops in your chosen scalp carrier oil [e.g., coconut oil, Jojoba oil, etc.] or scalp product, coupled with a soothing scalp massage, can help to boost hair growth in no time.
Did I mention you can get this oil for under $5?
Case closed!

What do you think: Will peppermint oil be making the cut on your product staples list?

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