Trendy Eyeliner Application Made Easy

By Michelby Whitehead
Eyeliner may be the most difficult cosmetic to apply. Even if you are still a beginner, you can quickly learn how to apply it, depending on the type of eyeliner you prefer to rock. No more leaving home looking like a toddler traced your eyelids; here’s exactly where to draw the line! 
Pencil Eyeliner: For Everyday Wear  
Step One: To create a smooth line, your pencil liner should have the right temperature. Breathe on it a bit so it “smudges” just right.  
Step Two: Use your fingers to pull the outer edge of your upper lash line taut. 
Step Three: Start drawing at the inner corner moving towards the outer edge of your eyelid. 
Step Four: To create a natural look, line your eyes tightly. For something more dramatic, draw the lines a bit thicker, or use liquid liner.  
Step Five: To line your lower eyelid, pull the outer edge and start applying. 
 Liquid Eyeliner: For Subtle Flair  
 Step One: Shake the bottle to make sure the liquid is well-mixed. 
Step Two: Pull the brush from the bottle. Start applying at the middle of your upper lash line, moving towards the outer edge. 
Step Three: Apply liner at the inner edge of the upper lash line, moving toward the middle. Connect this line to the first one to create a solid line. 
Step Four. For a winged look, just apply some liner on the outer lash line with an upward motion. 
 Gel Eyeliner: Best for a Dramatic Winged Look 
 Step One: Dip your liner brush into your gel liner. Make sure that only the tip is coated; this is the part of the brush you’ll work with to achieve the look.  
Step Two: Start applying at the inner and outer corners moving towards the middle. 
Step Three: Connect the lines to create one solid line. 
Photo by Lawrson Pinson on Unsplash