Fictional Fashion Icons from the 90s

By Michelby Whitehead
Trends come and go… and then they come back again! There is nothing like some good old nostalgia — especially from the ‘90s. The hairstyles were the bomb, and the fashions were crazy, sexy, cool — on just about every television show there was a fashionista whose closet you wanted to raid. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and bask in the beauty and style of the flyest, fashion-forward fictional characters! 
The Nanny   

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A much sexier version of Amelia Bedelia,  this nanny was the housekeeper everyone wished they could hire. She was down to earth with Fran’s style — best described as LL Cool J’s “Round the Way Girl” meets Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.” 

She was the first Latina to have her own show on Nickelodeon. That alone was a powerful statement for Brown girls growing up in the ‘90s. Every week we tuned in to see what the melodramatic actress/singer was getting into with her high school crew! Taina had plenty of shenanigans — and style to match — up her sleeve. 
Ling Woo 

Ally McBeal pushed envelopes in the courtroom with her with thigh-high minis, forever changing the perception of what a “corporate woman” is supposed to be. But Ling glammed it out with a sophisticated, funky edge the judicial system had never witnessed before! This lawyer character was the beginning of the much-needed shift in how television casted Asian women.  
Lisa Turtle   

This Bayside High beauty was Black Girl Magic equipped with several major credit cards. While Kelly and Jessie were scraping up allowance money for prom dresses, Lisa was contemplating which Vogue cover to replicate!  We’re pretty sure the forerunner of Hillary Banks never wore anything twice, and for that reason, among many, she will forever be a fashion favorite among Millennials and Gen-Xers.  
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash