Trend Alert: Nude Lip Liner is Back! Here’s How to Use It!

By: Jacqueline Samaroo 
Yassssss, nude lip liner is FINALLY back on-trend and we couldn’t be happier! This trend was all the rage in the ’90s and has been making a strong comeback in the last few months. But, as with any other item in your makeup stash, you’ll get the dopest effect only if you know how to use it. 
Below, we give you our best tips for rocking a nude lippie like a boss! 
Nude Lip liner as a … Lip Liner 
Duh. This is the classic way to use lip liner. Start with your lips slightly apart and fill in the small dip or curve in the center of your top lip (sometimes called your Cupid’s bow). Move to your bottom lip and fill in the center there as well before going on to the corners of your mouth. These markers will serve as guidelines as you fill in the rest of the outline of your lips. 
Remember to follow the natural curve of your lips and apply the liner in quick, short strokes. This method ensures that you fill in all the creases of your lips to stop your lipstick from bleeding when you apply it. 
Nude Lip Liner as a Base for Your Lipstick 
Nude lip liner makes a great base for lipstick. It enhances the lipstick’s color, making it look smoother and more vibrant. It will also keep the lipstick in place by preventing bleeding and feathering. Begin by outlining your lips as above, then use the liner to fill in the whole area of your lips.  Next, blend the edges of your lips with a lip brush to ensure the lipstick doesn’t separate from the liner when applied. Lastly, apply your lipstick. 
A great tip if you want your lipstick to last even longer, is to use foundation or lip primer on your lips before applying your liner. 
Nude Lip Liner as Your Lipstick 
So, what if you’re not really into lipstick, or just feeling like you want to go light on the color for a day but still want your lips to look plump while enhancing their natural tone? Nude lip liner to the rescue! Simply use it to outline your lips then lightly brush it in toward the center of your lips. Apply your favorite clear lip gloss or lip balm on top and you’re good to go! 
Now that you know how to use a nude liner as a part of your makeup routine, why not get on board with the trend and give it a try? Keep your skin tone AND undertone in mind when deciding which color is right for you. If in doubt, have some fun trying a few shades until you find that perfect one! 
What’s your favorite lip liner brand? Share deets on the shade, too! 
Photo by Derek Perez on Unsplash