5 Essential Makeup Tools

By Dr. Stephanie A. Garcia
¡Hola chicas! Time to talk tools; makeup tools! Every boss babe needs the perfect gear in her beauty arsenal to slay the makeup game. You could have the best foundation on the market, but using the wrong applicator will have you looking a hot mess! Here are five tools to ensure your makeup game is strong! 

  1. The Beauty Sponge– Now, there are a lot of beauty sponges out there, but not all are created equal. Look for a beauty sponge that is soft, pliable, and cleans up well. You also want it to have an angle or edge to allow for a precise application. I recommend the Wet n Wild Makeup Sponge ($3.99), the e.l.f. Cosmetics Total Face Sponge ($5), or the classic, Reflect Beauty Award winning, BeautyBlender ($20). These all can be used to apply foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer and really just about all of your facial products! Side note: make sure you clean your sponges regularly and replace them every 3-4 months to prevent bacteria growth.  
  2. Lighted Vanity Mirror with Magnification– Good lighting is essential to makeup application. No chica wants their winged liner to be longer on one side than the other. Having a quality, lighted vanity mirror can aid in makeup application and your skincare routine. Look for a mirror with a minimum of 5x magnification. Consider investing in a simplehuman Sensor Mirror ($199) or a budget friendly Conair lighted mirror ($28 +).  
  3. Makeup Organizer- When makeup is cluttered, things tend to get lost and therefore unused. Having clear, acrylic makeup organizers can ensure you never neglect any makeup in your stash. It also helps you see what you have and what you need. Wal-Mart and Amazon carry a wide array of organizers for inside or atop your vanity, for $30 or less. Need something a little cheaper? Check out your local Dollar Tree for tons of great organizers and ideas! 
  4. Tweezers- Say good-bye to those unwanted stray hairs! A good pair of tweezers lets you pluck those unwelcome hairs, while minimizing the discomfort of the process. Tweezers with a sharp angle or point will make it easy to pull out the tiniest of hairs around the chin and eye area. Consider investing in Tweezerman Slant Tweezers ($23) or Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers ($28). A good pair can last at least a year with proper care (i.e. storage and cleaning). Feel free to sharpen your tweezers too using an emery board or small piece of sandpaper.  
  5. Eyeshadow Brush Set- No snatched eyeshadow look was ever complete, without a snatched eyeshadow brush set. Makeup brushes don’t have to cost a lot of money either! e.l.f. and Morphe Brushes make some fantastic sets that will keep you on fleek.  Check out the Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection ($42) or the e.l.f. Cosmetics Smokey Eye Brush Kit ($12). 

 Remember, part of having a fantastic makeup look is using the proper tools to slay the day. A lot of the items listed above can be found at Ulta Beauty or online on the individual company’s website. #NowGoSlay  
Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash