#5Minuteswith Felicia Leatherwood

By Nikki Walton  

Happy Black History Month! For the next 4 weeks (forever, really), we are celebrating the #ReflectBeauties that are changing the game– specifically, the founders of industry-disrupting, Black-owned beauty brands.  
Next up- the insightful, Felicia Leatherwood 
With over 26 years of experience, Felicia Leatherwood is the world’s leading celebrity stylist and inspirational beauty speaker in regard to natural hair. With a social reach of over 250K, she conducts hair care workshops for audiences around the globe under the brand and slogan “Loving Your Hair with Natural Care”. The Loving Your Hair brand of workshops is in response to the (literally) thousands of questions received from people desperate for answers about their tresses. Felicia’s solutions and work have garnered her the title “Hair Whisperer”, as she is known for miraculously restoring health, beauty and vitality to her clientele’s hair!   
 I had the pleasure of sitting down with Felicia for our series, 5 Minutes With!  
On her morning routine  
My day starts with 60 minutes of Hot Yoga and then a quick stop by my favorite organic market to get my morning fresh juice of beets, celery, ginger, carrots and cucumber, and then it’s time to shower and check emails and my daily schedule. 
On launching the Felicia Leatherwood Brush  
I’ve always wanted naturals to not only have hair products, but tools to help make it easier for them to use the hair products.  So the brush was born as a way to make it easier to detangle women and children’s hair without hair loss and ripping of hair strands.  We’ve also found out along the way that men where stealing the brush from their girlfriends and wives to detangle and smooth their beards, so now we are focused on the whole family, not just the naturals, but also the children and men, to make sure that everyone can use the Felicia Leatherwood Brush. 
On her vision for the Felicia Leatherwood Brush and Black and Multicultural women going forward 
 I really want every woman to feel included and not like something is wrong with their hair or that their hair is difficult, so I’m going to continue to produce more tools to support the ease and comfort of working with your natural hair. 
On the lifestyle habit that has had the biggest impact on her becoming the BEST version of herself– #Felicia 2.0  
I think Yoga, and being around people who constantly support the best version of me have been keys to my happiness and my centeredness. 
On her current read 
I’m actually listening to more podcasts.  My two favorites right now are Lead Up with Maurice Manley, and Lewis Howes.    
On what’s coming up next!
Insecure Season 4 is coming and I have two movies with Issa dropping this year.  SO I’m excited to see my work on the big screen.  
Keep up with Felicia and her celebrity hair styling and traveling adventures on IG @lovingyourhair !