#5Minuteswith Sheila Marmon of Reflect Beauty

By Nikki Walton

Happy Women’s History Month! All month (forever, really), we are celebrating the #ReflectBeauties that are changing the game– specifically, the founders of industry-disrupting, women-owned media and beauty brands!  
Next up- the visionary CEO of Mirror Digital, Sheila Marmon
For the last 15 years, Sheila Marmon has created successful and innovative media platforms.
A graduate of both Princeton (B.A. cum laude), and Harvard (M.B.A.), she has been featured on I Heart Radio, The Financial Times, Minority Business Entrepreneur, AdWeek, and MediaPost.
As Founder and CEO of Mirror Digital, Sheila helps Fortune 500 brands tap into the fastest-growing U.S. consumer base: the multicultural market.  Most recently, she was inspired to launch the Reflect Beauty Awards (and ReflectBeauty.com), to celebrate women of all skin tones and hair textures, providing leading multicultural voices with a far-reaching platform to promote beauty equity. 
As the creative strategist for Mirror Digital, I was excited to sit down and chat with Sheila about how she manages to slay.all.day with such a full plate!
On her morning routine…
I am an early, early riser…I am energized in the morning so I get myself out of bed well before the sun is up. I start with a long hot shower and then drink a tonic of organic lemon juice + hot water to flush the toxins that have built up in my system overnight. I will also squeeze in a short meditation of about 15 minutes once I get to my desk before I jump into my first big task of the day.
On the launch of Mirror Digital and her vision moving forward…
I launched Mirror Digital to support diverse voices, perspectives, and views in media.  At Mirror Digital we provide advertising partnerships to support boutique digital publishers that speak to Asian, Black, and Latinx communities. I believe it is critical to help those voices thrive and be heard. 
Reflect Beauty is the first publishing brand of my own that I have launched and is an extension of my passion for supporting diverse voices. I created this platform because there was no dedicated space to celebrate the beauty of women of color – of all ethnicities and skin tones. Reflect Beauty is here to make sure that we are seen, heard, and supported.
On stepping into the best version of herself…
I believe in remixing the best of eastern and western practices that work for me. That means I see all my physicians regularly and take my vitamins; and I also see an acupuncturist, practice yoga, try to maintain a mostly alkaline diet, and believe in the power of intention. I also believe in the power of facial serum and use it twice a day religiously…get those antioxidants working!
On her biggest lesson of 2019 and 2020 vision…
My biggest lesson in 2019 was to remember how far I have come and to take a moment to celebrate each step of success along the way. It is easy to get caught up in “becoming successful” so I remind myself to think back to when I used to pray for all the amazing things that I have in my life today.
On her current read…
I just finished the most amazing book called “Leap Frog” authored by industry visionary, Nathalie Molina Niño. Any entrepreneur who is looking to grow her business should read this, but this book is especially relevant for entrepreneurs, like myself, who have historically been excluded from the innovation and start-up business ecosystems. She speaks TRUTH and drops so many gems on how to get it all done.
On what’s next…
We are looking to make Reflect Beauty a major source of love and inspiration for women of color.  Keep an eye out at ReflectBeauty.com for high power interviews with luminaries who share how they created their roadmap for success.
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