Hair Care Tips – For Healthy Strong Hair and Faster Hair Growth

Hey beauties! 
Radhi Devlukia is back again, edu’taining the masses, with her gorgeous self! In this video she breaks down the art of growing and maintaining long, strong, healthy hair.  She says,
“LETS TALK HAIR! Here are some tips I’ve found useful when getting to know my hair. There is so much information out there on hair care so I thought it would be useful to share the tips that have helped me! I also want to add that every single person has such unique beautiful hair and there are many other factors other than what we put on our hair that can affect it. I would also highly recommend doing a Ayurvedic Dosha test so you can understand your hair type better! BUT mostly to remember not to compare your hair or any part of you to anybody else because YOU are and always will be absolutely BEAUTIFUL!”
So basically, ‘love and appreciate the hair you’re in’! Check! ANNNNND, check out the video, below!

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