This Is How You Lift Yourself Out of Heavy Thoughts

“Most of the pain you’re dealing with is really just thoughts… ever think of that?”
Can you see this? Like right now, in this instant, where’s your story? Where’s your ‘problem’? Where’s the plot about you being a ‘wife’? A ‘mother’, ‘daughter’, ‘sister’, ‘friend’? The story that you are ‘broke’ or ‘wealthy’, ‘happily married’ or ‘divorced’? Where’s ‘the victim’? The one who is desperately seeking her soul mate? The one who is seeking her purpose?
There’s just the hands holding that phone– there are sounds and colors and shapes— but there’s no ‘wife’ or ‘girl with a biological clock ticking’ or ‘victim’ present. Just hands, that phone, furniture, some legs, a torso…. do you follow me?
Think of a natural hair YouTube vid, the voiceover kind. Real life is like the silent twisting, detangling and rolling before the narration and commentary gets added on top. Your thoughts are voicing over life—judging, labeling and bringing in story lines that make you suffer.
See the stories for what they are— just thoughts that you believe. Drop them. And when you do, you create space for the light, a truer manifestation of your Soul, to shine through.
Love always,
Nikki Walton 
p.s. Try this- place two items in front of you on a table, about 12 inches apart… a pen and your phone, or whatever is in arms reach. Now, sit comfortably and pay attention to both. Try to look at both. Give both items your full attention, and at the same time, notice that you’re aware of yourself looking at these two items. Now, as you continue to look, notice how your body feels. 
This activity (looking at, watching or trying to pay attention to two things at once), momentarily short circuits your thoughts, your stories— your mind grows quiet and your body feels relaxed and good. Once you’re used to this quiet-joy, you can skip the exercise and go right to the feels. Choose these feels over your habitual annoyed and bothered feels, until you remember that these feels are HOME. And when you’re HOME, you’re HER, your best Self.
**The above exercise is inspired by Frank Kinslow’s ‘The Secret of Quantum Living’