You are stronger than your anxious thoughts.

Image source: @thegoodquote 
Feeling anxious, impatient, worried, or stuck? To find your way back into alignment say to yourself, ‘this moment couldn’t be any other way.’ Or, ‘in this moment, I couldn’t be anywhere else.’ Or, ‘I couldn’t feel any other way right now.’ View yourself like you’re watching a movie that’s already been written, cast, and shot (with a happy ending). This simple perspective shift is the ‘acceptance’, the ‘let go’. And because you release the resistance to your negative thoughts and feelings, a new opportunity opens up!
In that instant, there’s your surroundings, the perceived situation or issue (thoughts), the negative feeling, AND now, the recognition of a subtle Peace or Love in the background. That felt-Love is present perfection… evidence that everything is alright, perfect actually, even when it doesn’t appear to be.
So you never have to make yourself feel better. Just notice the natural Go(o)d feeling that’s already there, too. It’s like a ‘new’ (but original) element added to your re-run moments— like when you see something for the first time in a movie you’ve watched a million times. Let the moment run, but introduce Love into it. Give the Peace that was always, already there, your attention. And breathe. And Be. And Love.
Standing with you in and AS Love,