Keep that Same (weekend) Energy!

It doesn’t matter if I’m busy af, writing for myself or for a client, running errands, or on a business call, inside, I got that Saturday morning energy. ✨ Inside, I’m always on silent retreat…at the beach… face to the sun… FREE.

Everywhere I am is Church.

The whole world is my ‘monastery without walls’… the ashram… the temple. And this beautiful energy manifests Itself as my beautiful world.

‘Monday’, the calendar says. But it’s the same NOW as it was on Saturday. It’s the same NOW that it was on your last beach vacation. This NOW doesn’t change. So let’s give ourselves permission to live (t)here AS the NOW… in this blissful, peaceful, loving energy, no matter where the body happens to be, no matter what the clock or calendar says.
It’s NOW.
And NOW = YOU.
With you on eternal retreat,
Nikki Walton