10 Post-Workout Essentials To Add To Your Regimen

From cleansers and serums to wet bags and steamers, get into these afterwork must-haves.

woman smiling workout
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Whether you just hopped off the Peloton bike from a spin class with Alex or just completed your at-home barre workout, the sweat and grime are real. Since 2022 seems to be following last year’s footsteps with the at-home workout craze, it’s time to look ourselves in the mirror and stop calling our Neutrogena MakeUp Wipes our “post-workout face cleanse.”

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So, my melanistas, let’s move away from the wiping of the sweat off our necks from the sleeve of our Pru Apparel hoodies and get as serious about our beauty routine as we are with our 45-minute sweat seshes!

Swipe through for 10 must-haves to keep that workout afterglow. 

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