How To Do TikTok’s Viral “No Makeup” Trend

no makeup trend tiktok
Photo Credit: 3brardilan on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

In a world of contouring, highlighting, baking and overlining, choosing to go “no makeup” is almost revolutionary. Of course, with 6.2 billion views, #nomakeup is an established TikTok trend. But because we’re talking beauty trends on TikTok, it’s not literally about no makeup. 

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While #nomakeup highlights and celebrates a person’s individual, natural beauty—flaws and all—there are a few steps to the bare-faced (but slightly better) look. Still, it’s a lot less labor-intensive than every other beauty trend on your feed.

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Ready to try it? Swipe to learn how to do TikTok’s “No Makeup” trend.

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