5 Oils for Hair Growth and Thickness

by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

Nothing is worse than passing your hands through your hair and finding that you’re shedding more than usual. The worst part about this situation is that stressing over an excessive amount of hair fallout can just make the condition worse.
While there are many simple remedies to combat hair fallout, the best and most simple remedy of all might be implementing natural oils into your regimen. We always hear that oils are great sealants, and we know that they prevent dry scalp, but what benefits do they have in regards to hair fallout and retaining natural hair length and thickness? Here are the top 5 herbal oils to use in order to reduce and prevent shedding.
Coconut Oil
This is a no-brainier. I mean, coconut oil IS the answer to everything, right? While some may argue otherwise, there are many different characteristics of this oil that make it the best to use when battling hair fallout. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which fights off various bacteria and fungi that can be found on an irritated scalp.
Infections of the scalp can cause a significant amount of hair fallout, with the follicles shedding as they become swollen and irritated. Coconut oil is known as the only oil that can fully penetrate the hair follicle, rebuilding it from the inside out and reducing the likelihood of unnecessary damage.
Olive Oil
Often used for cooking and salad dressings, olive oil is one of the most common household oils. Not only does it make a great vinaigrette, but it also contains an impressive amount of vitamin E and other monounsaturated fatty acids that promote hair growth and reduce hair fallout. Of course, the more expensive and pure the olive oil is, the more likely it contains higher amounts of vitamins and nutrients, so you may need to pay a pretty penny if you’re looking for top-notch results.
Castor Oil
Castor oil is another familiar household oil, known for being used to “clean you out.” Aside from containing an impressive “internal cleansing” ingredient, this oil also contains hair growth and regeneration properties. The oil’s triglycerides of ricinoleic acid make it anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which are all important components that are needed to both combat and prevent scalp infections, fungi and unhealthy bacteria.
The restorative properties of castor oil can strengthen the roots of the hair, reducing shedding while also causing new hairs to grow in quick, thick and much healthier.
Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is stimulating, meaning that it increases circulation to the scalp. Not only does that encourage new hair growth, but it also provides much needed nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the hair, which makes the root stronger and reduces the amount of shedding. This oil also combats lice, which is something else that can lead to hair fallout. Much like its counterparts, lavender oil also contains anti-bacterial properties that ward off infections, fungi and unwanted bacteria.
Sweet Almond Oil
Almond oil is known to be a natural “moisturizer” due to its softening properties. Containing vitamins E and D, along with a host of other minerals such as calcium and magnesium, almond oil is one of the only oils that can prevent the hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Dry, brittle hair has a tendency to break and fall out very easily.
Incorporating almond oil into your regimen can not only provide your hair with some much needed nutrition, but it can also ensure that the hair stays strong and grows in faster.

What are some of your favorite herbal oils to use?

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