Achieving Your Best Blow-Out, No Matter Your Hair Texture

By Michelby Whitehead 

You love your natural waves, curls and kinks. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your wash-n-go look like God herself styled it.  
But then there are times you want to wear it straight, and your flat-ironed hair responds with “Girl, bye!” as soon as you hit the door.  
Humidity can humble a textured girl really fast, but with these hacks, you can achieve the silky, sleek look you desire and slay all day. Here are 6 tips that can prevent you from having an Albert Einstein moment:  
1. Begin with clean, well-conditioned hair.    
Wash (or co-wash) your hair and deep condition it from root to tip, detangling your hair as you condition it. Let the conditioner sit for while to ensure every strand is moisturized before rinsing it out. 
2. Blot, don’t banish the moisture.  
After rinsing out the conditioner, blot your hair here and there to rid it  of excess moisture rather than vigorously drying it with a towel. Damp, natural hair is much easier to manipulate. 
3. Section for protection.   
Attempting a blowout without dividing your hair into sections is never a good idea. Section your hair into 4-8 equal parts to ensure that each section gets a fair amount of heat protectant applied, especially on the ends.  
4. Use the right tools.   
Wide-tooth combs, Denman brushes and paddle brushes are best for detangling natural hair. Avoid fine-tooth combs as they can break the hair and cause split ends. 
5. Use a serum or heat-protectant.  
Never expose your hair to direct heat without a serum or heat-protectant. Many professional hairstylists opt for Chi products to create a smooth blowout.
6. Have patience with the heat.  
Dry each section of your hair from root to tip, aiming the blow dryer in a downward position. Use a comb attachment if needed. Patiently work the heat through each section on a comfortable settingConcentrate on one section at a time; waving the blow dryer over several sections at once can result in puffy hair and frizzy ends.  

What are your top tips for achieving a sleek, long-lasting blowout? 

Photo by Marcus Lewis on Unsplash