Black Girls Wear Blush Too!

By Michelby Whitehead

If you are a woman of color, particularly a woman of brown or chocolate skin tone, who shies away from blush, today is the day to stop neglecting those gorgeous cheekbones.  
You’ve probably heard that blush is only for Caucasian women. Or perhaps your mind automatically equates blush with a bright-pink, plastered-on, dollar-store baby doll. But you don’t have to limit your makeup choices to other people’s perceptions or settle for only one hue.  
Blush is beautiful on melanated skin! It can give you a radiant glow with one brush stroke. The trick is simply knowing how to find the shade that suits you. The deeper your complexion, the deeper the shade of blush you will need.   
According to, women with fair or light skin can reach for a baby pink or bubble-gum pink. Tan- or medium-skinned women will need a slightly darker pink, like a rose or blush color. A cocoa-hued woman should go deeper still, with a magenta or ruby pink. Blush colors that are too light for you will look “ashy” on your skin.    
Once you’ve found the right shade to compliment your skin, perfecting the application should be next. Whipping your brush around in circles is not the look you want, unless you’re auditioning for the circus.  
This video will help guide you on your future blush purchase:  
Do you rock blush? What’s your favorite brand and shade?! 
Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash