I Found a Foundation That Actually Looks & Feels Like My Skin

By: Nikki Walton
On most days, you’ll find me in my uniform—fitted tee, skinny jeans, pumps, fresh face, and a red lippie. For years, my whole entire makeup arsenal consisted of a bold lip-stain, a nude lipstick, a tube of mascara, and a rarely used BB cream.  I’m that girl that says, ‘natural, please’, when I find myself in the makeup chair because I live for the effortlessly chic. And when I finally growed-up, and decided I needed a foundation for special occasions beyond my TV appearances and the reaches of my MUA (makeup artist), I wanted it to say ‘effortless beauty’ too…actually I didn’t want my foundation to say anything! I wanted it to be undetectable.   
Enter Clinique Even Better™ Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15.  I admit, the message was alluring, practically written for me–“flawless, undetectable coverage powered by Vitamin C and antioxidants to create a healthy, radiant skin tone, all in a paraben free, phthalate free, fragrance free, dermatologist-developed formula.” It also claimed to tackle hyperpigmentation, providing women with a brighter, more even looking skin tone even when not wearing makeup— a biggie for a gloriously-melanated sis like me. And they’re rocking a whole 56 shades (!!), addressing a diverse range of skin tones, and undertones, so it took my novice-self no time to match my unique brand of awesome – and at 29 bucks, it wasn’t even a splurge! 
I immediately found it to be super lightweight and airy, which is MAJOR because I like my face to look like… skin. I want the real Nikki to radiate through at all times and Even Better allows for this, while effectively filtering and hydrating my situation. It blends easily, leaving my perfectly-imperfect blemishes blurred, but my pores unclogged. The finish is natural—glowy, but not shiny– and long lasting, like all day, despite this incredibly rude Florida humidity. My minimalist makeup kit now has a much-needed new addition, and it yields the filtered, yet natural, fresh looking face I crave.
Have you tried Clinique’s Even Better™ Makeup SPF 15? Tell us your experiences (and shade) in the comments below!