My New Holy Grail Moisturizer – Clinique iD™

By: Nikki Walton
A few years ago, in the hopes of preserving my sexy, I sat down and consumed a ton of those trending, ‘What Would You Tell Your 20-Year-Old Self?’beauty articles, and found that no matter her race, or ethnicity, she was basically like, “drink your water, stay SPF’ed, don’t sleep in makeup, don’t let no man stress you, and identify your skin type and moisturize accordingly.”  My product junkie self was solid on every commandment, except for that last bit. If the people were raving about a new holy grail, age-defying moisturizer, I was buying it, periodt.  But my unchecked case of skin care FOMO always ended the same—with expensive, unused product that at best didn’t work for me, and at worst, caused new problems. Luckily, a new era of personalization is here, and it goes by the name of Clinique iD – a custom-blend hydration system.  Now, I keep my moisturizer tailored to my skin type and unique concerns, by keeping my Clinique iD™ cocktail on deck, and the results are brilliantly obvious.
How it works:
When it comes to your skin care routine, you now have the choice to customize, effectively!  It is skin care made easy and effective, full of nourishing ingredients at a budget-friendly price. Simply choose your Hydration Base (lotion, jelly or gel), and one of the five Active Cartridge Concentrates (Irritation, Fatigue, Lines and wrinkles, Uneven skin tone, Pores and uneven texture) to create your very own Clinique iD™ custom-blend hydrator. That equals 15 possible combinations to hydrate your unique skin type and treat your main skin concern.
My experience:
I use the oil-free Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly to deliver light-weight, effective hydration in this Florida humidity. It gives me fresh, smooth, moisturized skin without a tacky or greasy feel (even when I’m sweating).  It absorbs quickly and plays nicely with my SPF and occasional foundation. Plus, it contains my all-time favorite, skin-plumping ingredient– Hyaluronic Acid–which instantly diminishes fine lines and gives me that GLOW!
Finally, I’m a Purple Active Cartridge Concentrate girl (for lines and wrinkles – shout out to Prince), and can I just say… this serum, jelly combo leaves me with the bright, extra hydrated, youthful skin of a woman who hasn’t been sleep-deprived for the last 9 years, chasing behind two whole kids!  It’s an absolute win, and has been upgraded to ‘regular’ status in my routine. No mo’ FOMO.
Have you tried Clinique iD™? What’s your combo? Tell us in the comments!