#LatinaBeauty: 2020 Makeup Trends

By Dr. Stephanie A. Garcia 
No pos wow, month two of 2020 and you have no clue what to do with yourself, much less what makeup to use. Relax, cálmate girl, I’ve got you on this! Now let me be clear, there are no REAL rules when it comes to makeup; it’s completely subjective and personal. You do YOU no matter what you read or see. But if you’re curious about the trends, here are some of the latest you can expect to see this year from the beauty community:  
Bold Blush That’s Not Just for Cheeks 
Blush is huge in 2020, and not just any color, pink is what you will see most. Adding this pop of color to the cheeks will brighten any makeup look, but adding it to the high points of your cheekbones and into the temples (and a pop on the nose too), will really take your look to the next level. My current blush favorite is the Unicorn Glow Blusher in shade Peach Berry ($12 @CVS Pharmacy).  
Sheer Foundation 
Skin is always in style. Imperfection IS perfection, so honey, don’t get too caught up in those full coverage foundations! Let your natural, beautiful skin shine through in one of the many new sheer foundations to hit the beauty world this year. My picks? Try the Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation ($11.99 @Ulta Beauty) or the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer from ColourPop ($14 @Ulta Beauty). I recently reviewed the Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation on my YouTube channel, you can view it here: https://youtu.be/KRrz1BL_XwQ 
Eyeliner Game Change Up 
Say adios to boring black and brown eyeliner! 2020 has us all mixed up with colors, textures and finishes. Bring on the bling with that glitter eyeliner, or swipe that lime green gel liner over your lash line and even along the eye crease. Consider adding these colored liners to your stash: L.A. Girl Shockwave Eyeliner ($4.49 @Ulta Beauty), Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner from Urban Decay ($21 @Sephora), Vivid Brights Eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics ($7 @Ulta Beauty), and last but not least the Profusion Eye Sparkler Set ($6.98 @Wal-Mart). See how I used the Profusion Eye Sparkler Set here:  https://youtu.be/SPobLmx678o 
Blue and Purple Eyeshadow 
Get ready to see lots of blue and purple shadows gracing the eyelids of many of your fav beauty babes. Bold purple and blue eyeshadows are making a statement this year. Apply them all over your lid for the ultimate smokey eye, or take baby steps and apply to your lower lash line only.  
My picks for the ultimate in purple eyeshadow include: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Vol I Pro Pigment Eyeshadow Palette ($60 @Sephora), and ColourPop’s Lilac You A Lot, and It’s My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palettes (both $12 @ColourPop). 
For blue eyeshadow, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette ($52 @Beautylish) is phenomenal, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Vol II Pro Pigment Eyeshadow Palette ($60 @Sephora) is equally irresistible. Blue and purple eyeshadows are not very easy to formulate, so sometimes paying the extra bucks to get a quality eyeshadow palette really pays off. 
Blue Light Protection Makeup 
This year, it’s all about blue light protection! From skincare to makeup, protecting your skin from the harmful blue light rays is key. The longer we stare at our phones, the more blue light exposure we receive. This can lead to skin discoloration, inflammation, and a weakening of the skin’s protective surface barrier over an extended period of time. Help protect your skin by using blue light protection makeup such as the new Milani Screen Queen Foundation ($13.99 @Ulta Beauty) or the Revlon PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer ($9.99 @Ulta Beauty). Revlon also has two foundations available in this Candid collection that offer blue light protection. I recently reviewed both of these products on my channel: Milani Screen Queen Foundation  
Review https://youtu.be/JGNRrF-oGYA     
Revlon Candid Glow Foundation Review https://youtu.be/2hgJKGTuBRE 
Whatever you choose to try, make sure you’re happy with it. No trend is worth sacrificing comfort and confidence for. At the end of the day, we are still gorgeous without makeup! Adios muchachas