Find Your Perfect Natural Hair Stylist Near You!

by Anthea Ancalade of via

Six years ago, while about six months pregnant, on a not so good pregnancy day, I really wanted, or I should say needed, to get my hair done. The problem was, my hair stylist was about 1.5 hours away from where I lived. 
If you’ve ever been pregnant, I bet you understand how I felt every time the thought of driving long distances in traffic crossed my mind. I really hoped for a hair stylist that was nearby to care for my 4C hair. 
After I had both my kids, I realized that their hair was completely different than mine and I had no clue how to take care of it. Then again, I wished I could easily find a hair stylist that specializes in curly hair so I could take my kids there. There wasn’t really anything out there that featured only hair stylists that work with kinky, coily or curly hair. I also didn’t want to deal with the headache of sifting through a wide range of hair stylists that didn’t work with my hair type in hopes of miraculously finding the right one. 
Being a web designer by trade, I thought, “why not create a website that would be just for finding a hair stylist that specializes in our hair types”. Even though I was scared as hell to start this project, I couldn’t stop thinking of how useful it would be. A place where we can find a hairstylist, find haircare tips, tutorials, products, events and more. 

My name is Anthea Ancalade and I am the creator and founder of CurleeMe. I believe that finding a hair stylist for our kinky, coily or curly hair shouldn’t be hard.
CurleeMe is an online directory with over 600 natural and curly hair specialists, locticians, braiders, barbers, weave specialists, color specialists and more. CurleeMe allows clients to visit hair stylist profiles, learn more about their area of expertise, view their services and images, and other relevant salon information. Once you have a member account, you can access additional features such as bookmarking, reviewing and messaging stylists. 
CurleeMe is currently available to hair stylists in the US and Canada. They can sign up for a free plan or a paid plan where they can utilize premium features like booking, photo galleries, video enhancements, and more. CurleeMe provides natural and curly hair stylists with the opportunity to have a business profile that targets their ideal clientele.
So if you’re in the kinky, coily, curly hair club, come join us! 
We would love to see you there. Follow us on Instagram @curleeme or on Facebook