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Nikki Chu
Nikki Chu
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Nikki Chu is a popular, celebrity designer who has built and developed her own home brand; which offers an assortment of fashion bedding, pillows, throws, paint, wall art, and decorative accents. Her multi-brand empire continues to grow and is firmly rooted in interiors, art, and textiles. Nikki Chu Home understands function and trend, with a MISSION to create “an affordable luxury brand” that combines fashion and lifestyle in one. 

As a highly regarded interior designer and known trendsetter, Chu has collaborated with several top names; Toyota, Pepsi, the NFL, Xbox, The Home Depot, and Disney have all sought out her genius for special projects, limited edition product design, and cross-branding opportunities. For over 15 years, Nikki Chu has stood out in the world of interiors & fashion home accessories with her own line of home décor. She has appeared on VH1, HGTV, E! Entertainment, OWN Network, Oxygen, Lifetime, and now the Aspire Network in her own makeover show called “Unboxed”. You can visit www.nikkichu.com to learn more.

I recently had the pleasure of a virtual sit-down with the rockstar designer to talk about her self-care and self-love routines.  Check it out! 

On her morning routine…
My morning routine once my eyes are open– I lay in bed with my gratitude mantras. I am thankful for the day ahead of me, all the blessings I will receive, and especially to be given another day on this beautiful earth with the people I love. Then, like most, I brew my coffee while I have my morning shower, handle my skincare routine, and then off to my at-home office upstairs.

On her self-care routine and #LevelUp… 
When I think of lifestyle and habits it’s definitely something you work into your daily routine. Finding a balance between work and fun is key to having a good level of health. And finding the perfect balance to a healthy life is an endless journey for the desired outcome. I take vitamins (D, zinc, C, and a multi), and I ride my bike daily to clear my head at the end of a stressful day. As we all know, diet is a huge part of how we look and feel. I really enjoy cooking, and I love vegetables.  All of these things contribute to the best version of me.  

On her biggest lesson learned this year…
My biggest lesson learned this year was to take my business digital. If you only rely on your services to be one-on-one or (in person) during times like this, you could lose everything. I pivoted my business model to become an online version of itself, and that was the key to my success this year. 
I created an online design service called www.Teledesignpro.Com which allowed me to be in multiple homes around the country via my new virtual design experience. During Covid, everyone was looking to bring some sort of life into their space. Almost everyone had to work from home and/or homeschool their children, which caused a huge rethink of the way people were using their spaces. Even if you didn’t have a huge design budget, or couldn’t afford a designer, just being able to consult with a professional if you had design questions, made my service extremely valuable at an affordable price! 

On her current read…
A Course in Miracles and The Prayer of Jabez

On what’s next…
Right now my focus is on my home line called Nikki Chu Home which consists of wallpaper, bedding, art, rugs, pillows, and decor. I just launched a beautiful and affordable bedding collection on Walmart.com. My new online design platform www.Teledesignpro.Com has helped so many who have gotten stuck with a room they’re looking to bring life to, with whether or not to get rid of furniture they currently own, and simply with if they should paint or wallpaper. Now you can log on and hire me with either a quick question or with a 30 or 60-minute design consultation to get those questions answered and have your space quickly revamped! 

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