How to Get Back Into Alignment with Yourself and Life

Image source: @jeremyhoffeld
“If you have love you will do all things well.” – Thomas Merton
Hey Beauties!
To find my way back into alignment after a perceived upset, I say to myself, ‘this moment couldn’t be any other way.’ Or ‘that couldn’t have happened any other way.’ In that instant there’s the situation, the negative feeling, AND now, the recognition of Peace or Love in the background. That felt-Love is present perfection… evidence that everything is alright, even when it doesn’t appear to be. This Peace is alignment.  It’s how you feel when you and Life are in lockstep. 
So I never have to make myself feel better. I just notice the natural Go(o)d feeling that’s already there, too. It’s like a ‘new’ (but original) element added to these rerun moments. I let the moment run, but introduce Peace into it. I give that my attention. And breathe. And Be. And Love.
Standing with you in and AS Love,